Di Keelan

A textile artist specialising in botanical printing, placing plants directly on the fabric to interact with natural dyes to create beautiful ghost-like prints of flowers and foliage.


Retiring from art teaching gave Di Keelan the time to study machine embroidery at City & Guilds and embrace her love of gardening. Developing her plant knowledge led Di to discover a passion for botanical printing as she started to grow plants in her Cotswold garden specifically to produce her prints.


Through much experimentation Di has gained an in-depth understanding of plants that lend themselves to her eco printing method and how they interact with natural dyes such as buddleia, onion skins and pomegranate. She places plants on vintage damask tablecloths or antique linen sheets and with skill, serendipity, and seasonal adjustment the magical process of transferring plant colours and patterns onto fabric begins. Di views each design as a direct gift from nature and uses her botanical prints to create unique lampshades, a selection of which we are delighted to have for sale at Derwent House.