Das Lilas

Silvi Schaumloeffel


Born in Germany, Silvi Schaumloeffel is an expressive, contemporary oil painter, now working in her studio at Friars Court in Clanfield, surrounded by a working farm and beautiful gardens. She strives to share her personal observations and experience of a place but also bring the viewer along to visually explore, finding themselves engaged and being part of her experience. With creativity being a process, many of Silvi’s painterly decisions are made along the way, not all successful and many surprising, but all adding to the joy… pushing paint, playing with colour, aesthetics, and visual design.

Silvi works and wrestles, sometimes feeling like she dances with her paintings. The narrative is in the paint itself which is laid bare in its application. An intimate chat between Silvi and her paintings lead to engaging multifaceted works that are fresh and personal – Silvi invites you to join the chat!


101cms (w) x 76cms (h)

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