Animal Console Table



The Animal Console design was prompted by the wooden sawhorse, the ubiquitous functional trestles to be found in any furniture workshop, giving it a balanced unpretentious elegance.

Animal borrows from the highly acclaimed Wales and Wales stripe series of cabinets which feature the use of timber slats laid onto solid or veneered substrates to striking graphic and textural effect.

The table top is made entirely in solid rippled ash which combines an iridescent lustre with a relatively coarse open grain.

In structure, the top is essentially an ash tube with an inset single central drawer, run on dovetail guides. The drawer has Lebanon cedar bottom panels. The structure of the top is visually expressed by leaving the ends open. This celebrates the structural honesty of the piece by revealing how it’s put together but also creates a sculptural effect emphasised by the striking use of colour. The legs are in plain olive ash  – the part of the log closest to the heart that turns a darker colour similar to that of Olive wood.



140cms (w) x 42cms (d) x 82cms (h)


Wales&Wales are furniture designers Rod and Alison Wales with over 30 years experience in furniture design and making. They produce timeless, intelligent design principally but not exclusively from wood.  Their designs have been met with great acclaim and pieces have been acquired by national collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Crafts Council to name but a few.  In the past two years they have been awarded 3 Design Guild Marks for production designs.

Their work is characterised by a robust, unelaborated elegance rooted in a pragmatic understanding of materials and processes. Wales&Wales bring to their work a particular sense of visual personality, yet thrive on the disciplines required by client, market, product type, materials, technology and the other constraints that define a brief.