Hall Table in Burr Elm & Maple

Edward Wild Furniture


This beautiful hall table is handmade from rippled ornamental maple, with a burr elm top and floating drawer. The burr elm top is a quarter match, meaning the top is made up of 4 matching pieces of wood forming an interesting pattern in the centre of the table. The top is framed by a thin line of dark 5,300-year-old bog oak, this is replicated on the drawer front.

The frame of the table is made from ornamental maple which has a more golden colour than standard maple with a strong ripple pattern that shimmers with changing light. Finished with French polishing involving the application of many thin coats of shellac and oils to bring the wood grain to life leaving it with a beautiful lustre and sheen and with a final coat beeswax. Also available in burr walnut with a walnut frame, burr chestnut with a maple frame and burr oak with an oak frame.


118cms (w) x 47cms (d) x 73.5cms (h)

Edward Wild Furniture

Edward Wild is an award-winning furniture designer-maker based in Devon and a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen. Edward creates handmade bespoke furniture in an elegant contemporary style, combining the finest materials with his skilled craftsmanship. The sensitive combination of classical design and a commitment to exquisite craftsmanship results in the creation of timeless pieces which enrich their surroundings.

Edwards’ interest in furniture design was sparked whilst watching his grandfather in his furniture workshop. He made his first pieces in his early teens and later inherited his grandfathers’ tools which he now uses daily. With a brother in the forestry industry, Edward is able to source rare and interesting timbers, from richly figured English walnut to creamy white rippled English holly. Precision and exquisite detail defines Edward’s work which include the time-consuming process of French polishing to give his pieces an incredible depth of patina and finish.

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