Scritti Desk

Peter Lanyon


Tactile edges, hand-split and shaved legs combine to make a stunning sculptural piece and practical Scritti Desk. Handmade in Peter Lanyon’s Devon workshop from locally sourced olive oak with English cherry wood legs, dovetail drawer details, gentle curves and domed legs set right to the corners of the piece, all add to the unique qualities of the Scritti Desk.

As a desk it will provide an inspiring place to work or would make an elegant console or dressing table in any home.


133cms (w) x 55cms (d) x 74cms (h)

Peter Lanyon

Peter is an award-winning member of the Devon Guild and based in his native Devon. Peter enjoys the exploration of wood that comes from working within the confines of planed, seasoned wood which offers a sustainable low energy technology of green woodworking that captures the beauty and essence of the original tree.

Each of Peter’s iconic pieces begin the same way by hand-selecting coppiced stems sweet chestnut, oak, beech ash and wild cherry from a well-managed wood on the south Devon coast. Coppicing is a traditional woodland management practice that preserves biodiversity. It involves felling young trees to open up the canopy whilst preserving the root system. Coppiced trees quickly regenerate with new shoots sprouting from the stump – the cycle is repeated every 30 years or so.

Peter’s wood working practice is an extension of this sustainable approach to woodland management. His pieces have a contemporary but organic aesthetic with undulating curves and tool marks that add to the raw, tactile finish bringing out the beauty of the grain and creating a playful contrast of light and shadow. The result is work which is both visually pleasing and subtly tactile.

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