Anuk Naumann

Working in her studio in the Cotswolds, Anuk Naumann is an artist using mixed media to create her vibrant paintings.

Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, planes of colour are a vital feature of Anuk’s art. She starts by layering various ‘found’ papers to the canvas or board which once dry are coated with gesso. Working in acrylics and crayon the process of applying colour and shape to the painting begins. Composing the picture as she works, Anuk often scrapes back to layers beneath, being led by the mood of the piece as well as the subject in mind.

“ I never draw the outline of the painting beforehand, with each piece I embark on a series of discoveries, experimenting with layers, shapes and colour and I am often surprised by the effects that are achieved, this keeps the process of painting fresh and constantly stimulating” Anuk Naumann