Broughs Handwoven

Hana Brough studied textile design in Falmouth and pursued her love of textiles by specialising in weaving. Based in the countryside in Northamptonshire her influences come from her own photography of the natural world.

It is Hana’s intuitive understanding of how colour and textures work together that drives Hana’s passion. The colour combinations and textural effects that can be created through the process of weaving give her subtle striated designs a complete look of their own. Hana weaves on a traditional Countermarch Loom where the whole process is controlled by her feet and hands. From winding the warp and threading the heddles, Hana’s craft is a time-consuming process, but one that she delights in having control over every element.

Hana sources as much British fibre as possible and uses natural fibres, cotton for the warp and other yarns for the weft, British wools, some raw tussah silks and linen.

My decision to weave with natural fibres is a conscious decision as I prefer the way in which these yarns react to being woven and the wonderful textures that they create.