Emma Lacey

Following a degree in 3D Crafts, Emma went onto take a Masters in Ceramics at Central Saint Martins.

Emma’s research took her to Stoke-on-Trent, the heartland of ceramics production, during this time her research in functional design and use of every-day objects would go on to have a huge impact on her approach to making ceramics.

Each object Emma creates is driven by a passion for design and making and by a love of subtle and sensual forms. Whether it’s the contrast between the glazed and matt surfaces or in the case of her Everyday range, the subtle dent that allows us to experience the softness of the clay just after it is thrown on the wheel. Emma’s work allows us to experience the tactility that clay as a material offers.

I love the thought that the material properties of an object connects the maker’s experience to that of the person using it