Enrich & Endure

Inspired by a vision to revive their ageing local linen industry siblings Sarah and Lorcan Quinn founded Enrich & Endure with a goal to create innovative products with soul that are made to last.

Sarah and Lorcan grew up in Banbridge, County Down in Northern Ireland, a town seeped in manufacturing heritage and known world-wide for it quality linen. Drawing on local crafting skills developed over generations and the versatility of linen they created a range of aprons, tea towels and napkins that successfully marries this enduring, traditional fabric with great design and a contemporary palette of colours.

Irish Linen is famed for its fine quality so were delighted to discover Enrich and Endure who use linen produced in Banbridge to handcraft their unique collection of colourful aprons and kitchen linen that will wash beautifully and only get better with age…

'Enrich & Endure is more than a company name, it's also the pledge our products fulfil.'