Ritucci + Taylor

Giorgio Ritucci and Dave Taylor’s partnership brings together a wealth of furniture making experience, and together they create innovative furniture pieces designed to ask questions and be irresistible to touch.

Dave and Giorgio met whilst renting benches at the Sylva Wood Centre in Oxfordshire. After testing the water on a couple of projects and finding they worked well together, they merged their businesses in 2022 to form Ritucci+Taylor.

Dave is an award-winning furniture maker who takes inspiration from shapes found in the natural world and is most at home in the forest. He began working in metal fabrication of furniture in his hometown of Bolton, then trained in Anthropology before moving to Cornwall to do carpentry and restoration. Falling head over heels in love with woodwork he studied fine furniture, going on to start his own business.

Giorgio studied Architecture before transferring to the Academy of Fine Arts to study painting and set design. He worked making large-scale theatre sets for over 10 years but was drawn towards making smaller, refined objects. He worked with designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, learning to create playful, detailed pieces. Moving to London in 2011, Giorgio grew his own business and developed his fine furniture making skills.

Ritucci & Taylor’s furniture pieces use construction techniques that challenge and bend the traditional. We are delighted to have the beautiful ‘Suono’ Sideboard at Derwent House to view and commission.

‘We find fulfilment in the puzzle of translating ideas into objects and in the state of flow that comes from working with our hands.‘