A unique, sustainable and stylish range of furniture made in the UK from composite material using British wool and bio-resin. Think fibreglass but with wool.

Original founders Justin and Hannah Floyd wanted to create something beautiful and had purpose from the fleeces of traditional, hardy Welsh Mountain and Herdwick sheep breeds. Both breeds are native to the UK and have been for centuries, so their wool is plentiful but course, robust and wiry so in little demand.

Since 2020 new custodians Roger Oates Design has supported the development of Solidwool. Fine tuning the material and the manufacturing process, re-designing and turning this by-product into humble everyday objects: the Hembury Chair and Side Table, made with conscience, beauty and soul.

The Solidwool furniture range honours considered and functional design with a dedication to redefining a heritage fibre of boundless qualities – British Wool.

‘When you see the material, it draws you in. Your eyes see the texture, yet your hands feel the smoothness.’