Daisy Clayton


Daisy Clayton is a largely self-taught, abstract artist from Oxfordshire. Before pursuing her art professionally in 2019, she graduated from Queen Mary University London with a Masters Degree in Psychology. Using her background in psychology, she built upon her skills as a painter, focusing her interest on how a painting can make someone feel and the emotions it may evoke.

Daisy uses acrylics, collage, and gold leaf to depict a balance of calming tones and contrasting colours. Inspired by light, nature, skylines and the changing seasons, Daisy is interested in how something can be re-represented in an abstract form. Building many layers of texture and colour, she centres her work around a point of light, often for dramatic effect. Daisy aims to create calming yet uplifting paintings to give the viewer a sense of peace and tranquillity, whilst inducing memories and providing room for unique interpretation.


25cms (w) x 10.5cms (h)