East Banqueting House, Chipping Campden

Kate Hipkiss


Kate lives and works in Oxford. She has worked almost exclusively with paper for over a decade, using intricate cutting techniques to create layers, series or multiples.

Simplifying the features of the view in front of her, into flat areas of colour Kate creates an impression with a sense of quiet. She looks for balance of composition and colour, particularly enjoying placing a detail, such as a building which can be intricately cut, within the landscape to draw the eye and contrast with the rest of the image.

Kate enjoys exploring the possibilities of working with paper as a material; how it changes as intricate patterns are cut or how the cut edges of the paper add an extra, sometimes unexpected, dimension to the work. Her collection of work captivates because we all familiar with paper and its uses and the beautiful simplicity of her layered paper, cut to express the landscape around us is surprising…


24cms x 30cms framed