Houses in the Sun

Gianinna Delpino


Gianinna Delpino is an artist from Chile. She trained as an Architect whilst maintaining her painting practice on the side. However, eleven years ago Gianinna decided to dedicate her life to her love of painting and great enjoyment in the immediacy of drawing – finding being in the landscape requires that response, as the light and atmospheres change so fast.

Since moving to Oxfordshire from London in 2022 Gianinna fell in love with drawing outside again, reconnecting with nature and recognising how much more alive she feels when she faces the weather to portrait a tree and landscape, for a vitality she doesn’t get in the studio, where there is planning and thinking involved.

All Gianinna’s beautiful pastels on display at Derwent House were created on site on cold winter days, with a striking sunset, sun or under plain white skies.


50cms x 41cms framed