Lichen Throw

Rhian Wyman

from £230.00

Rhian Wyman hand weaves each woollen throw on her loom in her studio in the Forest of Dean from the fleece of Yorkshire sheep.  Designing, handweaving, darning, washing and using traditional methods throughout.  Her Lichen collection is inspired by the coastline of the Hebridean islands. The tones of the rocks can be found in multiple shades of grey woven within the throws, flashes of blue depicting the crystal sea and larger sections of yellow reflecting the lichen that slowly inhabits the grey rocks.  On closer inspection you can see the weave mimics the pattern of the waves.

The small throw is perfect for keeping knees or shoulders cosy.  All other sizes are made to bed sizes and intended to be draped horizontally across the bed, so the ends reach the floor and they come more than halfway up the bed.


Single: Approx 170 x 135cms
Double: Approx 240 x 135cms