Metropolis Rug

Design Weaver Textiles

From £1,350

Philippa Weaver designs and hand tufts each of her beautiful rug designs to order. She will collaborate with you in a step-by-step process offering a choice of colours, sizes, rug shapes and a hand cut (more rustic) or sheared (smoother) finish. Initially creating a series of digital designs to show how pattern, colours and proportions will work before producing a sample for approval.


All Philippa’s rugs are woven in 100% wool sourced entirely in the UK, bringing a physical connection to nature into the home that is both luxurious and durable.


This Metropolis design rug is available to view and purchase at Derwent House. Philippa’s rugs are available to order in a choice of sizes and colours that can be matched to fabric, paint or a wool pom. Please visit the store to enquire about commissioning a Design Weaver Textile rug.


158 cms (l) x 120 cms (w)