Rainbow Mug Pink/Stone Gloss

Emma Lacey


Each Rainbow Mug is individually hand thrown in Emma’s studio using a fine stoneware clay.  Once biscuit fired the mug is twice dipped using a satin matt and glossy glaze in colours inspired by nature and the tone of raw materials, in this instance rose quartz.

Emma designs her contemporary Rainbow tableware range with tactility in mind.  You will want to run your fingers across the contrasting surfaces and if you look closely at where the two glazes collide you can see how the glossy glaze fluxes and moves breaking into areas of transparency.


Whether it becomes a treasured piece in your home or given as a gift, a lot of love, skill and knowledge is embodied in each mug which is passed on to the hands that hold it.


Dimensions are 7.5cm tall by 9cm diameter with 400ml capacity approximately, shape and colour might differ slightly due to the pieces being made by hand.