Refectory Table

Derwent House

From £1200

The Refectory dining table design is made from wide reclaimed joists. The tabletop has distinctive gaps between the boards and the natural imperfections of reclaimed wood, a feature of the rustic modern look. The boards are secured at each end with biscuit joints to match ‘bread board’ ends. The robust Refectory table is inspired by the traditional cross timber frame table, secured together using mortice and tenon joints and a retainer peg. The design has the practical advantage of providing plenty of leg room for chairs or for tucking away the matching Refectory Bench. Available in a selection of wood finishes suitable for internal or exterior use.


220cms (L) x 94cms (W) x 77cms (H)
200cms (L) x 94cms (W) x 77cms (H)
180cms (L) x 94cms (W) x 77cms (H)

200cms (L) x 34cms (W) x 50cms (H)
180cms (L) x 34cms (W) x 50cms (H)
160cms (L) x 34cms (W) x 50cms (H)