Suono Sideboard

Ritucci & Taylor


The sculptural Suono Sideboard is designed to have a sense of ‘movement. A beautiful piece of pippin oak has been used centrally, and framed by oak.that has been ribboned round the sideboard demonstrating craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The design of the beautifully tactile doors were inspired waves and sound. First made by hand-carving test pieces, as you would do in sculpture which helps to find the final form of pattern organically. Finally the ancient Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban is applied which scorches the wood and seals the grain. Once charred the softer part of the wood is brushed away so the sharpness created by the router is mitigated, giving back a sense of ‘softness’ to the surface. Traditional staves and slots are used to keep the doors stable.

The Suono sideboard is available to order to meet your exact requirements in a variety of woods and bespoke sizes, with glass or wood shelves.


180cms (l) x 49.5cms (d) x 57cms (h)
Available in bespoke size to requirements.