The Ashford Bed

From £1,680

This lovely new addition to Naturalmat’s range of handcrafted beds offers low-profile modernist styling, pairing a slim bed base with oversized piping on the headboard.

At just over a metre tall, the Ashford’s headboard is upholstered in Naturalmat’s signature natural and organic fibres, in this case recycled denim and organic wool, to create a naturally cushioned, breathable surface. The oversized piping provides a nod to quintessential British furniture elements and echoes the gentle curves of the puffy base. The Ashford headboard can be purchased separately.

The Ashford bed sits low to the floor and skinny contemporary wooden legs complete the modern, stripped-back look. Recycled denim and organic wool are shaped around the FSC timber frame to give the bed a curvy, puffy silhouette which extends beyond the width of the mattress. View the craftsmanship of Naturalmat’s newest design and try the Ashford bed for yourself at Derwent House.

Small Single - 85 (w) x 202 (l) x 104 (h) cms
Single - 100 (w) x 202 (l) x 104 (h) cms
Long Single - 100 (w) x 212 (l) x 104 (h) cms
Small Double - 130 (w) x 202 (l) x 104 (h) cms
Double - 147 (w) x 202 (l) x 104 (h) cms
King - 160 (w) x 212 (l) x 104 (h) cms
Queen - 170 (w) x 212 (l) x 104 (h) cms
Super King - 190 (w) x 212 (l) x 104 (h) cms
Emperor - 210 (w) x 212 (l) x 104 (h) cms