The Frome Topper

From £300

Naturalmat’s Frome topper is simple but effective, with just two natural materials combining to make a supremely breathable and adaptable slimline topper. It is a great option for covering up the split between the two sides of zip and link mattresses. It is also a perfect solution if an existing mattress is causing you to overheat, the Frome will add an extra layer of ventilation to improve air circulation.

The Frome starts with two layers of local organic wool, sourced from Soil Association certified farms in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, just a few miles from the Naturalmat workshops. These are wrapped up in Naturalmat’s signature cotton covers, that are100% chemical free and coated in a natural hypoallergenic treatment.


Small Single - 75 (w) x 190 (l) x 2.5 (h) cms
Single – 90 (w) x 190 (l) x 2.5 (h) cms
Long Single – 90 (w) x 200 (l) x 2.5 (h) cms
Small Double – 120 (w) x 190 (l) x 2.5 (h) cms
Double - 137 (w) x 190 (l) x 2.5 (h) cms
King - 150 (w) x 200 (l) x 2.5 (h) cms
Queen - 160 (w) x 200 (l) x 2.5 (h) cms
Super King - 180 (w) x 200 (l) x 2.5 (h) cms
Emperor - 200 (w) x 200 (l) x 2.5 (h) cms